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Happy Chinese Lunar New Year

Date02-12-2018 14:35:45

Dear friends and partners,


On behalf of all the team members of V-FLO Group, I would like to thank you very much for your kind support and cooperation in 2017. At the beginning of 2018, it is my great honor to share with you the good news that V-FLO Pumps & Systems Co., Ltd. was officially issued on January 26, 2018 with the API Q1 certificate, a globally recognized special certification issued by the American Petroleum Institute (namely API) for heavy duty pumps and systems used in oil & gas and petrochemical industries.


V-FLO Pumps & Systems Co., Ltd. has always been contributing our products and services following international standards and practices since our establishment in 2002, obtaining ISO9001 certificate in 2008. With the API Q1 certification we are now in a better position to offer you more reliable API pumps and services creating more possibilities for our cooperation.


In 2017, V-FLO Pumps & Systems Co., Ltd. has achieved great success in markets such as Iran, India, Bangladesh, Pakistan etc. earning respects from more and more partners through our sincerity and dedication. In 2018, we are committed to offering pump system solutions with higher quality and greater reliability through implementation of API Q1 quality system in terms of R&D, engineering design, manufacturing and fabrication, delivering and services. V-FLO Pumps & Systems Co., Ltd. is always your reliable partner!


Chinese Lunar New Year festival as one of the most valued and grandest holidays for the Chinese is coming from February 14 to February 21, 2018. We will also be reached via the hotline +8613520386327 during the holidays.


In meantime, I am extremely honored to extend our best wishes to you and your family on behalf of V-FLO Pumps & Systems Co., Ltd. and V-FLO Group.


Best Regards


Kingston Wen

Managing Director & Chairman

V-FLO Pumps & Systems, V-FLO Group

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