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  • V-FLO Group, as the best and strongest leader and organizer of domestic and international contractor in oil and natural gas field, its EPC general contract covers all oil & gas field including oil-gas exploration and development, field surface facility construction, oil & gas storage and transportation as well as oil refinery and petrochemical industry.

  • V-FLO with the help of innovative technologies and engineering services has ushered a new era of coal utilization in terms of mining, storage, transportation up to power generation and coal chemical industries.

  • V-FLO Marine Engineering, similar to the strength and resources for EPC services in Oil & Gas, power and new energies, is dedicated to the research of advanced technology for marine engineering as well as total engineering solutions for specific projects with the existing resources plus the top marine engineering experts worldwide.

  • Based on over 10 years of experience in water projects, V-FLO has provided a complete set of feasible technical solution for fresh water & sewage treatment, water conservancy and irrigation, seawater desalination as well as zero discharge of industrial circulating water in terms of petrochemical engineering, agricultural irrigation and municipal projects fields.

  • It has been over 120 years since the second industrial upsurge triggered by Tesla who invented alternate current and established the first power transmission system in 19th century. With the running of steam turbines, electric power, the most mighty force has been produced and transported uninterruptedly, in which V-FLO has been playing an active part.

  • V-FLO, as an active practicer of clean energies, is dedicated to bringing more advanced clean energy to the world. In the past decade years, V-FLO has motivated the creative dynamics to promote solar technologies for electric power generation as well solar hot water engineering applications.

  • Construction project of V-FLO, empowered by the innovative spirits and wisdom of our staff, is dedicated to improving people¡¯s experience in industry and commerce as well as urban living environment and is playing its role of resources integration and general contracting in terms of large-scale road & bridge as well as the other relative construction projects. V-FLO is capable to provide technical supports for planning, investigation, design, construction and completion in terms of new construction, reconstruction, or extension of buildings and affiliated facilities as well as completed entity.

  • Two out of three of today¡¯s frontier exploration wells are not successful in meeting their original objectives because of unexpected geology or unanticipated hazards. These issues may sigTwo out of three of today¡¯s frontier exploration wells are not successful in meeting their original objectives because of unexpected geology or unanticipated hazards. These issues may significantly increase the cost of finding hydrocarbons and challenge a project¡¯s economic

  • Oil &gas storage is a bond in production,processing, transportation and marketing, V-FLO group focus on researching advanced oil & gas storage equipments and technology, with rich experience of oil & gas storage. With the application of new technology and equipments, oil & gas storage facilities planning will be more scientific and reasonable, the system will be further perfected.

  • In general and by average, normally 70-80% of crude oil reserve shall be still left in the stratum after normal oil extraction in oil field. V-FLO in combination with our strategic partners has developed the latest enhanced oil recovery technology, which has successfully utilized in oil fields for the secondary and tertiary extraction, having enhanced the oil recovery rate up to 65%.

  • V - FLO business contains oil and gas recovery,and provide related equipment, service and technical support.Mainly by the methods of adsorption,condensation method, direct combustion method and membrane separation.

  • V-FLO Group, together with our sister companies and partners, is extremely strong in the upstream projects development in oil and gas, including all the construction services from the oil and gas field surface facilities to the supporting pipe network, storage tank farms, electric & communication instruments, vessels, skid-mounted equipments, as well as long distance transportation pipelines, buildings, roads and bridges and other related services.

  • V-FLO has long established relationships with design institutes in China with strength and experience for EPC in oil & gas development in addition to supply of equipment, materials, consumptions like chemicals, catalysts, commissioning and operations.

  • V-FLO group¡¯s drilling technology and equipments has won several national recognition and attention by virtue of the experience of oil & gas production for more than fourteen years. The drilling scheme of V-FLO group has always provide clients with the highest cost-effective production mode from planning to execution.

  • Oil & gas transportation arised from nothing, became more and more strong, rely on science and technology innovation. Science and technology innovation promote the continuous development of oil & gas transportation technology and equipments. V-FLO group adhered to the science and technology innovation, at the same time integration, absorption, digestion, using international advanced technology, made outstanding contribution to oil & gas transportation.

  • Through years of development and accumulation,V-FLO has formed comprehensive service company which can provide customers with comprehensive targeted oil and gas field production service,environmental protection solutions and oil & gas comprehensive development services.

  • It is easy to weathering when the coal in storage. Calorific value of coal is reduced by the weathering£¬if the heat dissipation is prohibited when weathering, the temperature of coal seam will rise, the spontaneous combustion may occur.

  • Conventional Coal Chemicals:Coal-NH3+urea, coal-methanol, coal-methyl aldehyde, coal-acetic acid, coal tar processing, calcium carbine and acetylene ramification, etc. Advanced coal chemicals: coal-to-liquids, coal-to-gas, coal-to-olefin and coal-to- dimethyl ether. Core technology: Clean Coal Technologies.

  • V-FLO offers customized solution based on characteristics of each coal mine, realize full automation and mechanization of coal mining. Continuously improve mining technology, ensure full control mining process safety and impact on environment.

  • V-FLO mainly supply the rudder equipment, anchor equipment, mooring, towing equipment, cargo, rescue equipment, shut down equipment, piping, fittings, bilge, ballast system, water system, fire fighting equipment, ventilation, air conditioning refrigeration equipment and so on.

  • V-FLO has been committed to offshore platform construction service over years----design, construction, commissioning offshore platform supporting system equipment£¬and is responsible for the late maintenance operations. Through long-term practice and summary£¬V-FLO has made great progress and outstanding achievements in offshore platform field, V - FLO will continue its long-term commitment to offshore platform construction.

  • V - FLO has been committed to the research and practice of industrial circulating water zero emissions for years, so far industrial circulating water zero emissions technology has been developed by using chemical and physical treatment, made outstanding contributions to environmental protection and energy saving.

  • Sea water desalination using seawater desalination produce fresh water. Now, sea water desalination method mainly contains the freezing method, electrodialysis method, distillation, reverse osmosis, and ammonium carbonate ion exchange method. V - FLO group has its own research and development team, supply services to many countries and regions in the world in the past ten years, and achieved excellent results.

  • Solutions for fresh water supply for domestic, industrial process and cooling circulation, and wastewater treatment to all walks of life. Applicable industry: steel, electric power, oil refining, chemical industry, food and beverage, electronics, municipal water and sea water desalination etc. Core technology: water treatment technology by activated carbon, advanced oxidation technology; water treatment technology by ultrasound, nanotechnology.

  • V-FLO Group has developed very strong capability and rich experience in the field of water conservancy project in terms of equipment supply, project management and comprehensive EPC services for hydro-junction, agricultural irrigation, large-scale water diversion project as well as urban and industrial sewage treatment projects.

  • V-FLO clean coal thermal power generation technology, compared with conventional coal-to-power technology, is able to take care all of the emission concerns while operating with reduced costs even for poor quality coals, thus achieving huge social and economic benefits for power station.

  • Hydro power is the most conventional renewable energy source. V-FLO GROUP offers technical consultancy and EPC services to improve operation efficiency at lower operation cost for hydro power projects.

  • V-FLO power engineering team offers turn-key solutions with different configurations in terms of scale and system efficiency. V-FLO can also provide engineering service from installation to post-sale technical support.

  • V-FLO RENEWNERGY provides integrated solutions for PV solar power projects including project development, financing, project EPC, operation and maintenance etc.

  • V-FLO offers system integration, engineering design and consultancy in the field of solid waste disposal system, incineration system, power generation system, bootstrap system, ash and slag handling system and flue gas purification system.

  • As an energy source, biomass can either be used directly via combustion to produce heat, or indirectly after converting it to various forms of biofuel. V-FLO provides state of the art biomass power generation technology, which has the advantage of higher efficiency and less waste gas emission.

  • V-FLO offers system integration, engineering design and consultancy in the field of solar hot water engineering and application.

  • V-FLO solar thermal systems have advantages over solar PV power generation systems in a number of ways, including higher efficiency, more stable power supply and diversified application.

  • Tides are more predictable and stable than wind energy and solar power. V-FLO RENEWERGY provide engineering design and development of tidal energy project, as well as technical consultancy, operation & maintenance, equipment supply and contracting.

  • V-FLO wind turbine fleet is one of the fastest growing and best-run fleets in the world. Based on decades of experience in product service in power generation industry, V-FLO Renewnergy provides solutions to ensure optimal performance for your wind plant.

  • V-FLO geothermal power generation technology has many advantages such as high efficiency, fully automatic control and higher stability.

  • V-FLO Group, on top of the tall tower LED lighting, LED lighting construction andmaintenance in large scale landscape architectures, has also developed to offer our services experience for Tall Tower Maintenance and has built up a professional team to independently undertake any kind of Tall Tower Maintenance jobs like glass curtain wall maintenance, tall tower LED lighting and other related businesses.

  • Transportation is an important part of the national economy, and the main artery to ensure and promote the sustained, rapid and healthy development of it. V-FLO is dedicated to the construction, management and maintenance of road & bridge, and with years of hard work and development, V-FLO is in continuous improvement on both operation capacity and management level.

  • V-FLO is committed to the field of industrial architecture for several years with excellent performance. Relying on the excellent production process and high-quality mechanical equipment, V-FLO owns a complete, organic industry chain in the design, production, construction, development etc, which has realized the industrialization of whole process and improved the quality and efficiency of construction projects.

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